Music Review: David Crowder*Band, "Remedy Club Tour Edition" Relives Concert Experience


Last year the David Crowder Band blazed a new crossover trail for Christian music as its Remedy Club outing sold out 19 shows along the way.

Already worshipful modern rock innovators, the alternative act earned another notch in its belt with this impressive feat, but most importantly, expanded its audience beyond the church's walls. Now, those wanting to relive the experience (or anyone absent on the first round hoping to catch up) can do so in both audio and visual formats.

The CD portion is one of the spiritual scene's most energetic live projects in recent memory, taking listeners on an artistically satisfying vertical journey and surging with several epic swells along the way. "Trying to Make You Sing" is an apt introduction as it slowly fades into aggression before the prayerful "The Glory of It All" and the electronica-spiked "Can You Feel It?" Though an old-time spiritual standard, "I Saw the Light" also possesses the Crowder Band's unmistakable aura. Still, the group's celebratory "No One Like You" and the mantra-filled praise of "O Praise Him (All This for a King") earns the most rapturous response, which is even more evident throughout the DVD.

Aside from those latter two cuts, "Foreverandever Etc." is a vibrant visual example of Crowder's sheer joy in performing and ability to playfully interact with the audience. Yet, the finale, "Surely We Can Change," gives off a much more humble vibe that carries the crowd in renewing their commitment to Christ.

Additional points of excitement come from a generous helping of special features, such as an "On the Road" documentary and the especially inventive "Leaning the Songs" section, where members teach musical hopefuls the tricks behind their licks.


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