Music Review: Jaci Velasquez' "Love Out Loud"

Her first studio album since 2005, Love Out Loud has been hailed as Jaci Velasquez's "comeback album." Indeed, the beloved Latin singer sidestepped the spotlight in 2005 and left many fans wondering when she would sing again.

With Love Out Loud, Jaci makes a strong return to the music circuit, offering several promising singles. "Nothing But Sky" resounds with her signature vocal and an utterly singable chorus, which Jaci says, "reflects the journey I have been on and where I am today." Other notable tracks are "Jesus (The Way)," where delicate vocals carry the worship ballad and "A Likely Story," a sweet narrative of Velasquez's courtship with husband Nic Gonzalaz from Salvador. Jaci's husband also joins her on "Por Escrito," which offers listeners a breathtaking Spanish duet between the two. As the strongest and most daring track, it showcases their strong vocals, backed solely by a simple Latin-inspired guitar. Unfortunately, the zesty "Tango" is a bit too daring, with a chorus that says, "I think it's time to tango/oh, oh/Sometimes you need to tango." Even with its fiery Latin sound and Jaci's sultry vocal, the song is oddly out of place on the otherwise strong disc.

Still, fans will most likely be delighted with the fresh songs from Love Out Loud.



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