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Lincoln Brewster began his musical journey at an age when most children are concentrating on learning to walk. At only one year of age, Lincoln's mother, Cheryl noticed his ability to keep rhythm after his grandfather bought him a drum set. By age seven, Lincoln was playing guitar and mandolin. A musician herself, Cheryl played a key role in her son's musical development, encouraging the gift that God had given him. Cheryl and Lincoln formed a strong musical bond that helped sustain them through rough times. Raised in Homer, Alaska, the youngest of three children, Lincoln's parents divorced when he was just a toddler. Shortly after, a stepfather and stepbrothers were added to the family. They had some moments of joy mixed with years of abuse. Lincoln's passion for music began to grow, but his stepfather hated the fact that Cheryl played music and as Lincoln explains, "that was a real connection for me and my mom."

After Lincoln had begun to master the guitar, Cheryl took him to a local bar so that he could sit in and learn to play with other musicians. By age 12, Lincoln had formed a band called Lincoln and the Missing Links, which included his mom on bass and vocals. His early musical influences included Kenny Loggins, The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Ricky Lee Jones, Van Halen and Heart. When he was 15, his mom remarried again. This marriage took the family to California where Lincoln joined his high school band. He played guitar and drums in the jazz band and snare drum in the marching band. He also performed in a winter percussion ensemble, writing one of its pieces for competitions. As graduation drew near, an opportunity to play in another band with his mom led to connections in Los Angeles.

Within a few years, the possibility of a recording contract developed. At the age of 19, Lincoln had what he had always wanted - a recording contract in hand. Yet, his life felt empty. Laura, Lincoln's high school sweetheart and a Christian, frequently invited him to church. "I'd hear a sermon, go outside, cry and say, That was my life that guy just preached. How did he know?'" After attending a drama ministry performance with Laura, Lincoln recalls feeling God drawing him close. "I was afraid to lay down a lot of things in my life," Lincoln said. "One night, I laid all my cards on the table. I asked the Lord to come into my life, all by myself. It was the best night of sleep I'd ever had. I was very peaceful. I think that was what enabled me to blow off that record deal." Lincoln didn't know it, but God had something different in mind for him.

One afternoon, he received a phone call from Steve Perry, former lead singer for Journey. Perry invited Lincoln to audition as lead guitarist for his next solo project, For The Love Of Strange Medicine. Lincoln accepted and began songwriting and rehearsals for the album. Following the completion of the project, Lincoln married Laura. He also joined Perry for a nationwide tour that spanned from 1994 to early 1995. During this time, Lincoln noticed a large number of hurting people in the audiences. "I just knew that when you get that many people together in one place, you're going to find people with hurts and needs," said Lincoln. He said the shows were great and entertaining, but not life-changing. After experiencing Christ in his own life, he knew there was more to offer. When the tour ended, Lincoln and Laura made their home in Modesto, California, where they attended Calvary Temple Church. There Lincoln found a spiritual father in Senior Pastor Glenn Berteau, and at that point Lincoln's life reached a crossroads. A musician at heart, Pastor Berteau took a chance on Lincoln and offered him a position at the church as associate music director and youth worship leader. At the same time, secular music job offers came. With prayer and consideration, Lincoln laid down his secular career to serve at the church where he would work on sound systems and recording projects. Lincoln recalls God instructing him to put aside his songwriting and music at that time. He says that he didn't understand that God was using that period to teach and disciple him. "I really had questions about what God was doing with me during that time," said Lincoln. "He just kept telling me, 'My Word is sufficient.'"

Not long after, Lincoln said God released him, "and the songs just poured out." A desire to sing was starting to grow within him. "Finally, I said, God, if You could just give me the courage to sing, I'll honor You with it.'" And that he did. Shortly after, Lincoln began leading worship in the youth group. "When I first started, it was just horrible. Leading praise and worship is a whole different ballgame. But, by the time we left, I was really comfortable doing it and had a great relationship with the kids." The couple later met evangelist Danny Chambers and traveled to Oklahoma City to participate with him in a "Youth America" event. Chambers later invited them to help with the planting of The Oasis Church in Nashville, Tennessee. In June 1997, the Brewsters left California for Nashville where they served as youth pastors and then full-time music ministers at Oasis.

While at Oasis, Lincoln met executives from Integrity Incorporated who were there to work with Chambers on a new Hosanna! Music album. During the recording process, Integrity's Vice President of Creative, Chris Thomason, quickly noticed Lincoln for his guitar virtuosity. Later, Thomason listened to a demo project that Lincoln had produced. Impressed at the production work and artistry, he also learned that Lincoln had played every instrument and produced and performed all the vocal parts for the project. Feeling a shared heart for youth-focused praise and worship, Integrity signed Lincoln to its Vertical Music label. According to Thomason, "Lincoln has a passion for seeing people - especially young people - enter God's presence through worship. Worship has changed Lincoln's life, motivating him to write songs that help others know God more. He's a gifted musician, but his heart for God shows far above his musicianship."

Shortly after, Lincoln and veteran producer Paul Mills began work on the album Lincoln Brewster. Like previous Vertical Music projects, Lincoln Brewster speaks to the hearts of people who are hungry for non-traditional, passionate worship. In addition to working on his own album, Lincoln also began session work with label mate Darrell Evans, contributing vocals and guitar and co-writing one of the songs on Evans' project, Freedom. He also spent time on the road with Michael W. Smith during Smith's 1998 "Live The Life" tour. Following his 1999 self-titled debut, Lincoln returns with Live To Worship, a new offering produced by Jeff Quimby and co-produced by Lincoln. After years of performing music that failed to offer life-changing power, Lincoln now combines his talents and determination to record songs that will minister to a new generation of believers.


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