The Wild Kratts Live 2.0 on Tour

The stars of the show (at least the human ones) are actually its creators. Real-life brothers Chris and Martin Kratt write and direct the show that they brought into being, but they also appear as animated characters, providing their own voices. In each episode, the Kratts rub shoulders (and tentacles and paws and hooves) with another bunch of animals in a different adventure, from sperm whales and giant squids to porcupines and hippos.

In addition to knowing how to capture kids' imaginations, the brothers really understand their subject — Martin holds a degree in zoology, and Chris has worked as a professional ecologist. They also understand how to harness that combination of educational power and creativity that has made The Wild Kratts an international phenomenon and turn it into a thrilling live-action show.

No Wild Kratts event would be complete without the animals. In keeping with the show's philosophy, the Kratts elected to leave actual creatures of the wild unhampered, opting instead to have actors play a host of larger-than-life animals onstage. Between the Kratts, the creatures, and the production, fans of the series will have the time of their lives. (more)


Fabulous nights
DeVos Performance Hall - Grand Rapids
"I brought my 7 year old grandson. He was intrigued and loved the show. It was fun that he could shout out and participate too!"


VIP tickets totally worth it!
Music Hall at the Cleveland Public Auditorium - Cleveland
"The show was so fun! Both our boys loved it. We purchased back stage tickets; they were totally worth the money! The brothers were so nice and seemed genuinely interested in what the kiddos had to say."

1 PM & 4:30 PM



The Majestic Theatre
1925 Elm Street
Dallas, TX 75201
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(214) 670-3687

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