There are hundreds of thousands of first responders throughout the Metroplex who risk their lives and put others first everyday. They all deserve to be honored and we’re highlighting a different first responder each week.  Our weekly honoree is....

Christian Volentine, Baylor, Scott & White Hospital in Waxahachie (week of Aug 3)

My wife, Christian Volentine has been a nurse for 24 years and she loves helping people. She has had no reservations during this uncertain time of COVID-19. She works daily swabbing people for COVID. Sometimes it's sweating it out in the summer heat in the COVID tent and other times it's inside the office. The whole time stressing out quietly trying not to bring the virus home to our family. She is our super hero.


Congratulations to Christian, this week’s 94.9 KLTY & The North Texas Chevy Dealers First Responder of the Week!  » If you’d like to bless Christian and her family with a generous donation, you can do so by pressing the DONATE link below. If you’d like to nominate your favorite first responder to be featured, you can do so by pressing the NOMINATE link:

Matthew Arrington, DeSoto Fire Dept. (week of July 27)

Matthew spent 8 years in the Marine Corp with a deployment to Afghanistan and endless time away from his beautiful family. He managed to keep up his faith and have a great attitude, always making sure everyone around him had a good laugh. After his service in the Marine Corp and for the last 3 years Matthew continues his Firefighter/ Paramedic Service with the DeSoto Fire Department. He also teaches an EMT class and is a Rope-Rescue Technician and Confined-Space Technician.  All this while being a wonderful husband to Tracey and a spectacular father to their 2 girls Rylie Jo and Laila. I just can’t say enough about the man he is (of course, I’m a little partial being his mother), but he has shown his heart of love and service to everyone that knows him! And I couldn’t be more proud of my hero, Matthew Arrington.


Sergeant Colter Leftwich, City of Kaufman Police Dept. (week of July 20)

Sergeant Leftwich is my husband and helpmeet of 12 years now. It is with great pleasure that I nominate this amazing man of God for Honoring 1st Responders. Sergeant Leftwich is nothing but extraordinary at performing his job as a detective for the Kaufman Police Department. He works very hard for our family and his commitment to the community that we reside in is something great. He was raised is Kaufman, TX and graduated from Kaufman High School. You can say that from the time he was a young boy to now that he loves this town and what this community is about. He is a loving husband, father of 3, and POPO of 2 grandchildren. He is dedicated to God and has been called into ministry and preaches the word of God when called upon to. Daily he rises and puts his life on the line without even thinking about what could happen, his courage and strength is beyond amazing. I pray that you will bless him with the Honoring 1st Responders. He is very deserving of this.


Jason Jenkins, Frisco Police Dept. (week of July 13)

My husband, Jason, My Hero: his selfless service, dedication, commitment, leadership, compassion and love shines daily. For years he used his own money to help others have a meal or to get out of the elements. He also collected gift cards from our community to bless others. Jason has put into action ways the city can unite, connect, feel respected and included. Building relationships through the community. Just recently, he got word of a man needing help. Jason found him, checked on him and blessed him with a warm plate of food, water and gift cards. He gave this man info of a pastor that he could reach out to. The man asked why are you helping me - Jason replied because I got into Law Enforcement to Serve others.  Jason leads by example. He encourages others to "Be the Good". A sign hangs in his office can be seen by all, to serve as a reminder, a purpose. Jason sends emails to all FPD staff on their Anniversary/Birthday. Even when he is off the clock he is always there to help, protect and serve. A selfless man that deserves the world, he is always looking for ways to bless others, now it's his turn to be blessed. Thank you so much!"


Jennifer B. Andrews, Children’s Hospital (week of July 6)

We have a child with special needs, and that means lots of hospital stays. Jennifer has been one of the many nurses that has cared for our Jackson from when he was a baby, till even now, at the age of 13. But this is not why I am nominating Jennifer, I am nominating Jennifer, because COVID-19 has fortunately not impacted children very much. And therefore, the Children's hospital has not been as busy as those caring for adults. So Jennifer took it upon herself to volunteer to go to New York, the hub of where the virus is, and volunteered to work, to help give relief to the nurses that have been in the midst of this from day 1. This to me is so amazing, and really tells just how special Jennifer is, not only to us and our family, but to all those she cares for!  We love you Jennifer!  Jackson sends big hugs and you are our vote to be honored!


Brent Thorn, Coppell Fire Department (week of June 29)

Brent has been the guy to run toward danger ever since I met him in 2005. He went into the military at 19 years old in 2006 as a Master at Arms (Navy Police). He protected his base by standing guard, he was then deployed to Afghanistan for a year in 2010. There, he was personal security for high-ranking visitors on base. He had to do recons of their route to make sure no IEDs or threats where on their path to keep everyone as safe as possible. Since leaving the military, he went to Fire, EMT, and Paramedic school and is a Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of Coppell. When I think of first responders, he is the first person to come to mind. He selflessly puts himself before all others in his profession AND in his personal life. In addition to his professional sacrifices, he also uses his personal time to disciple our next generation through our church's youth group, volunteers in the children's ministry, builds custom cornhole boards for charities benefitting all kinds of causes, and leads his family to Christ. I can think of no one more deserving of a small Thank You than him.


Brandon Sutter, Wise County EMS (week of June 22)

Brandon has worked in EMS for almost 20 years now. He has sacrificed so much in those 20 years for his community. He has worked his way up throughout his career and is now a supervisor with Wise County EMS. He has been deployed to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. He is trained for swift water rescue and high risk ropes rescue, so he is on a special task force team for the entire Metroplex and can be deployed at anytime (including the recent riots). Not only does he work countless hours for Wise County, he is a Pastor at a church - The Living Word Country Church of Texas. He loves leading people to the Lord and being a light in the darkness. He is an amazing man and I hope y'all can honor him to show a small token of our appreciation.











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