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Mom Made It

If you're a parent who goes above and beyond to be there for your kids, you can totally understand what Donna Kelce did. The proud mom of two NFL players attended two playoff games in one day and she had to fly across the country to do it!  ~ Starlene Stringer (photo credit:

Meeting Face to Face

What would you do with or for the person who saved your child's life? A Hunt County family welcomed the man from Germany who donated the bone marrow for their daughter, into their home and took him out to eat barbeque for the first time in his life!  ~ Starlene Stringer

Best Ballers in the Country

It's a rare and great honor to be nominated as an All-American basketball player. So, imagine how proud DeSoto ISD must be to know seven of its girls basketball players made the prestigious list. They’ll soon find out if they get to compete in the annual McDonald's All-American game in Chicago this March. But they’re already winners. All seven nominees have been offered Division 1 college scholarships. They play on ESPN + this Friday night and the DeSoto Eagles girls basketball team is currently ranked 2ndin the entire country!  ~ Starlene Stringer

Record Setting Flight

At the young age of 19, Zara Rutherford, is set to make history this week. She is poised to became the youngest woman and youngest person ever, to fly solo around the world!  ~ Starlene Stringer (photo credit: Aircraft & Airlines Online)

SSR is Back

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo returns this weekend. It was cancelled due to Covid over the past couple of years. But it's it's bigger and better in 2022 and you have until February 5 to enjoy it!  (photo credit: FOX4)

Secrets to Living Long

We're often told eating healthy and exercising will help us live longer. But, Dorothy Nedd, just turned 106-years-old and she says the key to longevity is serving God. She's also enjoyed some Big Macs from McDonald’s over the years too!  ~ Starlene Stringer (photo credit: Zulema Nedd)

Happy Birthday x 3

Happy belated birthday to Adriana, Nace and Ashlyn Macaluso. They're not triplets. Ashlyn is the mom of 5-year-old Adriana and newborn Nance. Her husband won't have a problem remembering any of their birthdays because they're all the same. Yep! The mom had her two children on her birthday, December 14, five years apart.

Natalie Nailed It

Did you see Natalie Grant sing the National Anthem at the college championship football game last night? If so, you probably want to see it again. If you didn't see it. You've gotta check this out and share it with your friends too!  ~ Starlene Stringer (photo credit: My Faith Votes)

An Incredible Driver

Imagine if your teenage daughter got stranded on an icy road in an Uber. That was the reality for one family. Thankfully, their daughter’s driver took great care of the teen. When he was able to exit from the blocked off roads, he found a hotel and booked two rooms, one for himself and the other for the young stranger to rest safely in, until her loved ones could pick her up!  ~ Starlene Stringer

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