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Memorial Day Freebies & Deals

It’s a holiday weekend and people are planning to enjoy it. About 39 million people are traveling by car this Memorial Day weekend and a lot of Americans are flying by air. So, if you’re hitting the road, be sure to pack your patience. You don’t have to go far to take advantage of great Memorial Day deals. There are lots of discounts and freebies this weekend. Enjoy! But, may we never forget the real meaning behind Memorial Day. We honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  ~ Starlene Stringer

He Truly Made a Difference

We lost a great teacher at the end of this school year.  But the positive impact he made in his students lives will never be forgotten.  Our thoughts & prayers go out to the family and friends of everyone involved in the horrible crash in Palestine this week, including the loved ones of Coach Michael Coyne. He will be missed!  ~ Starlene Stringer (photo credit: WFAA)

Tape for Food

An all female team of engineering students at Johns Hopkins University have created something you might love. It’s called Tastee Tape. It’s an edible tape used to hold your burrito or wrap together, so your food doesn’t fall out. The edible adhesive is credited with making meal time a bit less messy. Check it out!  - Starlene Stringer

Beauty at all Ages

The mom of the richest man on Earth, Tesla and SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, is making history! The 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition comes out today and 74-year-old, Maye Musk, is one of the cover models. She looks gorgeous! (photo credit: Sports Illustrated)  ~ Starlene Stringer

If He Can, We Can

Since their Mavs matchup has yet to begin, we can celebrate a huge achievement for NBA star, Steph Curry. Just days before he and his team take on Dallas in the Western Conference Finals, Curry got his college degree. The 34-year-old who left college 13 years ago to join the NBA called it, “A dream come true!” May his accomplishment inspire you to do great things too!  - Starlene Stringer

Stay in the Race

Have you seen the video of the 7-year-old girl who loses her shoe during a race. Little Talaya Crawford goes back to get the shoe. Puts it on. Continues the race. And WINS!  Even if you have seen it, it’s worth watching again. Take a look! 

Never Forget

When Dallas Fire Rescue’s, Stanley Wilson, died fighting a 6-alarm fire back in 2013, his fellow firefighters vowed to never forget. And they didn’t! In fact, when Stanley’s son, Noah Wilson, graduated from Dallas Baptist University this week, his father’s firefighting friends were there to celebrate with him. Congrats Noah!  We’re proud of you too!  - Starlene Stringer

Dak Hopes to Save Lives

An alarming number of people are taking their own lives these days. Several organizations and high profile people are hoping to help change that, including Cowboys QB, Dak Prescott. His brother committed suicide and Dak admits he faces battles too. His story could help save lives! May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Local BBQ on National Stage

A local fave is getting national love! The brothers from Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que & Home Cooking were on Good Morning America this week, where they beat Pecan Lodge for the Texas’ best BBQ contest. They’ll return to the show next week, to battle against the winners from other big cities for the national title! (photo credit: Dallas Morning News)  ~ Starlene Stringer

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