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Anything is Possible

Think you can't afford college? Think again! This man's story may inspire you. After working as a janitor at NYU, he recently graduated from the school.


Just days after hearing Pastor Barry Cameron preach at Crossroads Christian Church in Mansfield for the first time, Dr. Curtis Moore, helped save the preacher's life.

Walk To Lose

Congratulations to Michael Watson. This high school senior who once weighted 335 pounds, lost 115 lbs by walking to and from school every day. He hopes his success inspires you to get moving too! 

$1 dollar for $1 million

Help families of fallen service members, by stopping by IHOP today and ordering a short stack of pancakes. They’re on sale for just $1 dollar until 7pm & the proceeds go the, Children of Fallen Patriots. They hope to raise $1 million dollars. May is National Military Appreciation Month. 

Keep Praying

We are so grateful the little girl kidnapped in Fort Worth over the weekend is alive and back with her loved ones. But PLEASE continue to keep, Salem Sabatka and her family, in your thoughts and prayers! 

National BBQ Day

It’s National BBQ Day and there’s a debate about which state loves BBQ the most! Nevada and California top the list. Texas isn't even in the top 5! After you stop fussing, let us know your favorite BBQ place... especially if it's here in North Texas.

Nowitzki Honored in Austin

Congrats to Retired Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki. He was honored by Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas lawmakers in Austin yesterday for his incredible 21-year career with the Mavs. They called Nowitzki the greatest player in Mavs history and one of the greatest in the league. 

Applauding Grads

Most graduation ceremonies are long. There are lots of names being called. Which is why people are so impressed with the actions of 68-year-old, Andrew Thomas. He recently applauded every single TCU graduate at the schools graduation ceremony. Thomas says some students don’t have anyone there to support them, so he cheers for everyone.

Determined to Play

No one wants to lose their fingers. But imagine how awful it would be for a pianist, like Mason Bynes. She lost two fingers in a car accident. But that didn't keep her from achieving her dream of being a pianist and becoming a composer. She just graduated from UNT and is now headed to Berklee. 

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