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Chick-fil-A SUNDAY

The next time you pass a Chick-fil-A on a Sunday and wish it was open, I want you to think about Elijah Sprague. He celebrated his 14th birthday at a Chick-fil-A on a Sunday. The restaurant near his home opened just for the young man with autism that everyone loves. Elijah got to hand out free cookies in the drive thru and hold a party inside too!

Stars Grant Wish

No 10-year-old should have to think about heart surgery. Anderson McDuffie does, because he's already endured two. So our friends at the Make A Wish Foundation decided to make his dream of playing with the Dallas Stars come true. His joy will touch your heart too!

Beasley's Bundle of Joy

Congratulations! Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver, Cole Beasley & his wife Krystin were blessed with another baby today.  Beasley proudly posted this pic of Jovie Carter Beasley. ~ Starlene Stringer

Smile More

Know someone who smiles a lot? This guy won award for it!

Grandma Search

Got an awesome Grandma? Enter her in the GE Great American Grandma Search. The company is looking for "a big-hearted, age-defying, lives-life-to-the fullest and brings-out-the-best-in-everyone kind of Grandma." The winning woman will work for GE Appliances for 10 to 15 hours a month and get paid $50 thousand dollars and some free GE appliances too. Good luck!


She's ALIVE! The 13-year-old girl reported missing when someone took her parents lives last year, was found alive last night. We don't know all the details yet, but her loved ones say, "It's what we’ve prayed for every single day."

If He Can, You Can

The next time you make up an excuse for not living your dreams, think about Desmond Blair. When he told people he wanted to be an artist, many suggested he choose another career, because he didn’t have hands. Thankfully he didn’t listen. Today, Blair is both a well-paid artist and an IT Systems Manager at Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas. Be inspired! 

Peppa Pig in Grapevine

Got a little one who likes Peppa Pig? If so, they'll love this... Peppa Pig's World of Play opens is coming to Grapevine Mills! It’s a 14,000-square-foot indoor family playground that allows kids to jump into the world of Peppa Pig, with 14 themed play areas, recreated from the TV show. There’s only one other Peppa Pig World of Play in the world and it’s in Shanghai. Grapevine is much closer (ijs)!  ~ Starlene Stringer

A Dance to Remember

A father-daughter wedding dance is always special and Mary Bourne Butts will never forget hers. The bride's father is terminally ill and confined to a wheelchair. But the dance instructor didn't let that keep her from making memories with her dad. 

Kid Writes Cowboys Player

When wide receiver, Allen Hurns, suffered a severe leg injury during the Dallas Cowboys game over the weekend, many people prayed for him. That includes a little boy named, Luke McSwain. To show his appreciation, Hurns contacted McSwain via FaceTime.

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