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Saluting a Soldier

Cameron James of Haslet, spent hours working on this tribute. It's in honor of his friend, who recently gave his life while serving in our U.S. Army. It took the 17-year-old four hours to make this image of the American flag in his front yard. 

Ice Cream Containers

Buying ice cream for the 4th of July holiday? If so, make sure the container is sealed. A video on social media shows a woman licking Blue Bell Ice Cream and putting it back on the shelf. Yuck!

Celebrate Freedom

Celebrate Freedom 2019 was a huge success!
Thank YOU for coming out for the fun.

Here's a look at some of our favorite behind the scene moments!
We look forward to seeing you at Celebrate Freedom 2020.

Grandma Graduates

This grandma is reminding us we’re never too old to learn. The 82-year-old from Dallas just earned her High School Diploma. Congrats Miss Hurley Gardner, you're an inspiration to many!

Biggest Loser Casting

Want to be on the Biggest Loser? There’s a casting call for contestants this Saturday from 10a- 5p at Gilley’s Dallas. You have to fill out an application before you go. So click the link below to get it. Good luck! 

Slide Granny Slide

Would your grandma get on a slim n’ slide? An adventurous 94-year-old woman named Millie did and she loved it!

Cops Dance Too

Dancing on Duty! Carrollton cops recently responded to a noise complaint and found the noise was coming from a party. They didn't shut it down. They joined in and it looks like they had lots of fun!

Dad Scars

Whether you’re a fan of tattoos or not, you’ll probably like the one Martin Watts has... or at least the reasoning behind it. It’s a scar down the center of his chest. It matches the real scar his 6-year-old son, Joey has after having to have emergency heart surgery last month.

Lessons in Modesty

We’ve all seen girls wearing short shorts that many think are too short. Well, when Jason Hilly’s teenage daughter put on a pair, he decided to do something about it. He put on a pair too! His goal was to teach his daughter about modesty. But thanks to the internet, his photo is a great illustration for others too!

Summer, Selfies and Dogs

Today is the 1st day of summer AND it's National Selfie Day and National Take Your Dog to Work Day too! DQ is offering free ice cream (with a purchase) and Wayback Burgers are giving away free milkshakes too. Enjoy!

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