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Helping the Homeless

McKinney restaurant owner, Ram Mehta, put a sign on his restaurant doors that says, “If you are Hungry, Homeless or Can’t afford a meal. Please honor us by stopping by during business hours for couple of slices of Hot Pizza & Fountain Drink at No Charge." He says his mom told him to do it because they were once homeless too! ~ Starlene Stringer

Honoring a NBA Legend

Dirk Nowitzki’s #41 jersey is officially retired and is on display at the top of the American Airlines center. The retired NBA star was honored in a special ceremony last night at a Mavs game. Thanks for the memories Dirk! #41 ~ Starlene Stringer

Community Support

It’s a great day for Midlothian ISD teacher, Jennifer Campbell. Today is the day she gets to walk into her school using the new prosthetic legs her insurance company refused to pay for. Thankfully, the community raised more than $51-thousand dollars to help the teacher, whose been helping others for years. In fact, she now plans to help others fight to get the money they need to have life changing surgeries too! ~ Starlene Stringer

Hello 2021. Hello 2022

Imagine having twins born in different years. That's the reality for these California babies. One arrived in 2021. The other debuted in 2022. Sounds like a perfect Hollywood story!  ~ Starlene Stringer

Old Box Contained $180,000 to Help Students

One day last September, Vinod Menon, the head of the physics department at Harlem’s City College of New York campus, had to face the normally unpleasant task of going through almost a year of COVID-lockdown office mail

Remaining U.S. Missionaries Freed

The remaining missionaries kidnapped in Haiti have been released by the gang allegedly responsible for their abduction. (photo credit: AP Photo/Odelyn Joseph)

Syndey Raley Rushes Aid to Customer

A 15-year-old from Edina is being hailed by law enforcement as a hero for rushing to the aid of one of her customers at the McDonald's in Eden Prairie, MN.

Army Veteran Celebrates New Home

U.S. Army specialist John Endsley served three years of active duty and was deployed to Iraq. Since coming home, he’s been diagnosed with PTSD and a number of health issues, including hearing loss and chronic pain that have left him disabled. John, his wife and their five kids have been staying with family. But they now have their own place to call home. (photo credit: FOX4 News)

Amazing Rescue

MMA fighter Brian Brooks says his wife, who worked at the Mayfield, Kentucky candle factory destroyed by a tornado, called him to tell him that she and her sister were trapped in the rubble, and that she loved him. He raced to the scene, helping to pull as many workers as he could from the collapsed building -- and eventually managed to rescue his wife and her sister as well.

Max is Back Home

A family is celebrating after being reunited with their dog, Max, two years after he went missing. Yesenia Madrigal and Richard Figueroa said their pup, Max escaped from their El Paso home through an open gate in 2019. The couple said they never gave up hope for finding Max, so they updated their information in American Kennel Club© before they moved from Texas to Nebraska.

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