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The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo is Back

It’s opening weekend of the 126th The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Over the next 3 weeks, more than a million people are expected to go to the Will Rogers Memorial Center and Dickies Arena. The “All Western” parade is Saturday starting at 11am in downtown Fort Worth. Also, we invite you to cheer on Starlene & Hudson as they compete in the annual Celebrity Goat Milking Contest on Saturday at 5:30pm. It's Legendary!

Support for the Girls Scouts

Guess what time it is? It's Girl Scout Cookie Time! There’s a new one to choose from this year. It’s called Raspberry Rally. It looks like a Thin Mint. But the inside is raspberry. They still have all the classics too!  - Starlene Stringer

Strangers Helped Him Retire

Butch Marion is finally enjoying retirement. The 82-year-old veteran had been working at a Walmart to make ends meet. That is until a TikTok user went through his line and decided to make a GoFund Me for him. It raised over $100,000 and now Mr. Marion is planning to visit his children, for the first time, in years!  - Starlene Stringer

Great Job TCU

Let's focus on the good. TCU lost to Georgia in the College Championship Football Game, 7-65. But the horned frogs had an incredible year and they gain lots of new fans! We're purple proud. ??

Showing Some Love

Even if you know you’re loved, it’s nice to be reminded. Just ask Al Roker. The beloved Today show weatherman has been missing from NBC because he was sick and hospitalized for over four weeks. He’s still not able to go to work. So his coworkers decided to go to him. Not just Hoda and Savannah. It looked like 60 or more people. They were all wearing Santa hats. When he opened his front door, they began singing Christmas carols. It made him emotional. It made me emotional. I think it will touch you too. Take a look!  – Starlene Stringer (photo credit: NBC)

21-Year-Old "Barista Jake"

Jacob McFarland loves making and bringing his parents coffee — earning him the household nickname "Barista Jake," which spread to the rest of Norristown, PA. And now the 21-year-old, who has autism, has his own cafe. (photo credit:

Employees to the Rescue

The city of Joshua in Johnson County honored a group of McDonald's employees who helped a victim of a fiery car wreck near their fast food restaurant. First responders say their efforts saved a life. (photo credit: FOXNEWS)

Sharing is Caring

For the last six years, the Dallas, Northwest Division Neighborhood Police Officer Unit has provided shoes to hundreds of children before the school year starts through its "Share the Shoes" program, according to the group's website. (photo credit: FOXNEWS)

Cross Still Standing

The Balsora Baptist Church in Wise County burned down Friday, except for the cross. It was still standing!  (photo credit: Fox4News)

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