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Teen Helped Save Lives

We’re learning about more Good Samaritans who helped saved lives at Allen Premium Outlets over the weekend. That includes a 16-year-old Fatburger worker named, Kiera Mojica. Video shows her and her coworkers leading people to safety. (photo credit: NBC 5)

Business Over Bullying

This preteen created a brilliant way to combat bullying and it’s created a success business for him too. Take a look! (photo credit: FOX 4)

Local Family in Need of Prayer

The Ayers/Wiedemann family of Midlothian, is thanking everyone for their prayers following the ordeal their family recently endured. Someone reportedly tried to abduct two of the sisters as they traveled to a cheer competition with their father this week. To make things worse, the youngest girl was struck by a vehicle driven by the suspect. Thankfully, she and her sisters are all expected to be okay. (photo credit: Liberty Cheer) ~ Starlene Stringer

Father/ Son Dream Come True

You don’t have to like sports, to love this. A Dallas Cowboys recruiter got surprised when his coworkers drafted his son. Then he got to call his son and welcome him to the team, along with Jerry Jones & Mike McCarthy. For this football family, it was a dream come true. In fact, their father/ son moment had many in tears!  – Starlene Stringer

Two Heroes Honored in Dallas Today

K9 officer Figor is being praised today for saving the life of Dallas Police Corporal, Scott Jay. They both came under fire recently while responding to a domestic disturbance call. Thankfully, they're both expected to be okay.  ~ Starlene Stringer (photo credit: FOX4)

Kid from The Colony at NFL Draft

Remember this name, Christian Gonzalez. He’s from The Colony. But he’s not there today. Gonzalez is in Kansas City, at the NFL Draft. The cornerback is expected to be the first North Texan to hear his name called in the first round of the 2023 NFL draft. Let’s go!  – Starlene Stringer

Barbie Spreads Down Syndrome Awareness

Have you seen the new Barbie? She’s in a beautiful blue and yellow dress with butterflies on it, because they’re associated with Down syndrome awareness. Her accessories have special meaning too. The pendant necklace with three chevrons represents the three copies of the 21st chromosome. She even comes with ankle foot orthotics, because many children with Down syndrome use them for support. – Starlene Stringer

Losing Weight to Gain Dream Job

Congrats to Aaron Schichtl. He just made his dream of joining the National Guard come true. It wasn’t easy. Schichtl needed to lose some weight before serving our country, and he did. He recently dropped 200 pounds!  – Starlene Stringer

Still a Success

The Starship exploded, but SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, still calls the launch a success. Click the link to find out why!  (photo credit: SpaceX)

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