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Cute Cubs

Here’s the new babies everyone’s talking about. They’re actually lion cubs at the Dallas Zoo and they are absolutely adorable. Take a look and then go and see them in person too!  – Starlene Stringer

Perfect Match

Two Texas faves are teaming up to offer us something special! The Dallas Cowboys have named Whataburger the official burger of the franchise. It’s a match made in... Well, you know the rest! ??- Starlene Stringer

Oh Baby!

record number of babies were delivered at a Fort Worth hospital last month. The Women's Hospital at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center had its busiest month ever this August, with 581 newborn deliveries. That’s aaverage of 19 babies born there each day.   

Honoring Vets

Drive-by parades aren’t just for kids. This week is the 75th anniversary of the end of world War II and to thank those who served our country during that time of war, a local group honored the veterans with a drive-by parade at their nursing home in Cleburne this week. - Starlene Stringer

Mums the Word

An East Texas woman has come up with a way to save homecoming mums in these Covid-19 days. She’s making and selling Mum Masks. They’re fancy masks with mini mums hanging from them. Want one? - Starlene Stringer

Hero On Screen and Off

We've lost a hero. Actor Chadwick Boseman passed away Friday. The actor who played Thurgood Marshal in Marshal, James Brown in Get Up and Jackie Robinson in 42, was best name for playing the Black Panther. He wasn’t just a superhero on the screen, he was a hero off the screen to the countless number of people he positively impacted, including children with terminal cancer, who like the rest of us, never knew Boseman was battling cancer too. ~ Starlene Stringer (#wakandaforever)

Contagious Smile

This adorable 2-year-old with Down syndrome, Eleanor Manton, has become an Instagram star. You have to see the modeling campaign she stars in. Her smile is contagious! ~ Starlene Stringer

Rap Cop Book

This Prosper police officer was asked to read a school book for kids. Instead, he did a rap version of “I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words,” and not only do the kids love it, adults do too! Take a listen. - Starlene Stringer

More Precious than Gold

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But an attorney from Dallas may argue the person who sells it too you is more precious. That’s because the woman he bought jewelry from for his wife, donated a kidney to him, saving his life. He and the donor are both doing fine and they now have a gem of a story to share! ~ Starlene Stringer

9 Lives

A local cat that was abused is now being used to educate humans and hopefully prevent other animals from being tortured, like it was. Robin survived being struck by an arrow and is now winning over hearts worldwide! ~ Starlene Stringer

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