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Done Deal

Ezekiel Elliott is back in town and he just signed a massive deal with the Dallas Cowboys. The six year, $90-million dollar contract makes him the highest paid running back in the NFL! 

Bieber Tells Millions of Fans Jesus Loves You

Have you seen what Justin Bieber shared on Instagram? He admits to making lots of bad decision. Then tells his millions of followers, "Jesus loves you. Be kind today. Be bold today and love people today. Not by your standards but by God's perfect unfailing love!"

Answered Prayers

People have been praying for Alex Trebek and not only is he grateful, he's done with chemo and back at work! 

Live a Long Life

Want to live a long life? Don't worry. Be happy. That's the key, according to this 100-year-old North Texas woman, To see how Mrs. Hargrove says we should handle problems that come our way, click the link below. You'll be glad you did!

Kindness Counts

Kindergartners at Castle Hills Elementary in Lewisville are starting the school year with a challenge. They recently gave the crossing guards at their school certificates for coffee, hugs and thank you notes too. Now they’re challenging others to get in on what they call the kindness challenge. I hope their story inspires you.

Built by Grandparents

Have your grandparents done anything extremely memorable for you? Many of us can answer, yes. That includes a little girl whose grandparents built her a 350 square foot "Harry Potter" themed playhouse. Take a look!

National Dog Day

I love dogs AND cats. But today is National dog day and a Newsweek article could have some cat lovers upset. It suggests dogs are better than cats. To see why and to share pics of your BFF, go to KLTY Mornings on Facebook.

Birth After Citizenship

Most women rush to the hospital when they go into labor. Not this one. Before delivering her baby, she wanted to be sworn in as a U.S. citizen. Thanks to this judge, she was! 

Good for Grandma

You’ve probably seen lots of adorable first day of school pictures on Facebook. But checkout this photo Monique Flores posted. It’s her 89-year-old grandmother with a special sign, announcing her first day at senior daycare.

Gone. But Not Forgotten!

Senior photos are always special. But Julia Yllescas pics are unforgettable. She’s pictured with her father, Capt. Robert Yllescas, who lost his life while fighting for our country, in Afghanistan

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