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Don't Fight. Pray!

Former Mesquite high school football player, Aaron Lowe, lost his life to gunfire at a house party over the weekend and his father is speaking out about it. He’s urging young people everywhere to stop using guns and to start praying!  ~ Starlene Stringer

Goodbye Kisses

Don't give a dog chocolate! Pet owners have been careful to avoid doing so for years. But an animal hospital is making sure dogs do get to taste the treat so many people love, before leaving us. They call it "goodbye kisses!" ~ Starlene Stringer

Prayers in Prosper

Family and friends of 16-year-old, Makayla Noble, are praying for a miracle. The Prosper High School cheerleader and Cheer Athletics team member suffered a severe spinal cord injury in a tumbling accident this week. If you would, please keep Makayla and her family in your thoughts and prayers too! ~ Starlene Stringer (photo credit: NBC5)

Money for Sam

Meet Sam! This North Texas college athlete just signed a $10,000 endorsement deal with Sam's Club. The SMU student is a great scholar and soccer player. But she qualified for the deal because her name is Sam. If you know a college athlete named the same, let them know the company is searching for six more students to award money!

Snake Warning

Be extra careful! Mansfield police say someone almost picked up this snake by mistake. Thankfully they're okay. We want you to stay safe too. So keep an eye out for snakes and other critters as you work in the yard or go out for a walk or run. ~ Starlene Stringer

Dallas Cowboys Win

A Cowboys win is always a great way to start the week! Dallas beat the Los Angeles Chargers Sunday 20-17. Next week, the Cowboys host the Eagles on Monday Night Football! ~ Starlene Stringer (photo credit: Fox4News)

Doggie Rescue

A thief stole Makenzie Koch's SUV with her beloved dog Riggins inside. Thankfully police found her BFF & he is safe and well!  ~ Starlene Stringer 

New at the Zoo

Proud parents overload social media with baby pics and it’s no different for The Dallas Zoo. Take a look at the zoo's new tiger cub, Sumini. Absolutely adorable! ~ Starlene Stringer

Packet Problem

Do you have these Taco Bell sauce packets in your pantry or at your office? If so, they want them back! Seriously. Click the pic to see why.  ~ Starlene Stringer

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