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Promoting Marriage

It’s Pastor Appreciation month and many people appreciate what Pastor Bryan Carter is doing at Concord Church in Dallas. They offer a program that encourages cohabitating couples to get married. They recently held a “Grand Wedding,” where he married 24 couples at the same time!

Forgiveness and Love

The brother of Botham Jean told Amber Guyger ( the woman who took the life of his brother ) he forgives her, didn’t want her to go to jail, prays she gives her life to Christ and asked for permission to hug her. 

Life Saving Cheer

Do you know CPR? This North Texas cheerleader does and she used it to save the life of a choking child! That little boy is doing fine. In fact, he and his mom stopped by her school, to thank Tyra Winters in person. 

A Cut Above

Imagine how wonderful the world would be if there were more people like Jerry Martin. This caring school bus driver took his personal lawnmower to a vacant house and cut the grass, so students wouldn't have to stand in weeds while waiting to be picked up.

Homecoming Date

You have to see David Cowan ask his girlfriend, Saris Garcia, to be his homecoming date. He did it in front of a crowd at a football game and everyone cheered him on. Both David and Saris have Down syndrome and they now have lots of social media fans too.

Ticket or Tie

A single mom got pulled over for speeding. She was trying to get her son to a senior photo shoot. They were running late because neither of them can tie a tie. Instead of giving her a ticket, the officer fixed her sons tie!

Carrying Kindness

Many teachers go above and beyond what they’re required to do for our little ones. That includes, this one. He literally carried a 10-year-old girl on his back across the Falls of Ohio. Ryan has spina bifida and uses a wheel chair to get around. So, she would have missed out on her class field trip, IF it wasn't for the kindness of a teacher! 

Your Health & Fitness

Today is National Women's Health & Fitness day AND the perfect day to start improving your life for the better! 

Go See Ms. Rose

Big Tex isn’t the only one returning to the State Fair of Texas this year. Rose Landin will be there too. She’s been volunteering at the State Fair for 25 years and she’s now 101-years-old. Be sure to say howdy, if you see her!

Church Sign

Photos of this church sign that’s gone viral. It reads, “Whoever stole our AC unit—keep it. “It’s hot where you’re going.” Thou shalt not steal!

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