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Medi Teddy

If you’ve ever been a hospital patient or visited someone who was, you've probably seen an IV bag. But, that may not be the case in the future. While in the 5th grade, Ella Casano, created “Medi Teddy” as a class project. It’s an adorable teddy bear that covers the IV bag and probably makes patients smile too! 

Inspiring Kids

Think your kids don’t pay attention to what you say, do and share with them? Think again! For six years, Sophia Kallie’s stepdad left words of inspiration on sticky notes for her. Not only did she read them, she saved them. For Father’s Day, she gave them back to him, in a frame with a photo of them and a big thank you! 

Dad Bods Are In

If you’re sporting a 'dad bod' (or your husband is), you’ll be happy to know a 6-pack is overrated. According to a new survey, a record 65% of Americans say they think a “Dad bod” is attractive and 4 out of 5 men and women say they believe it's a sign of a confident man.

Pay Your Age

Pay Your Age is coming back to Build-A-Bear Workshop. But it’s a little different this year. You have to sign-up online and only 200-thousand people will be selected for the offer.

Thank You Beltre

Congratulations to former Texas Ranger, Adrian Beltre! His #29 jersey is now retired too. That means no other Texas Rangers player will be allowed to wear Beltre's number. What an honor! #WellDeserved

Local Dancers on AGT

Congratulations to Southlake Carroll's Emerald Belles dance team. They competed on "America's Got Talent" last night and made it through to the next round. To see their AGT performance and their viral videos, click here

Cupcakes for Disney

Lots of kids dream of going to Disney. Here’s how Isaiah Tuckett, made his dream come true. He baked and sold cupcakes to raise money. In just one year, the 14-year-old had enough money to buy airfare, hotel and Disney World tickets for his mom, dad, sister, brother, sister-in-law, his nephew and himself too! 

Blind Painter

Out of all the beautiful artwork displayed around North Texas, there’s one mural you have to see. It’s a four-story work of art in the Bishop Arts District and the visual artist who created it is John Bramblitt, and he’s blind. #Amazing 

Incredible Spellers

Summer break is off to a great start for three North Texas students. Abhijay Kodali of Flower Mound; Rohan Raja of Irvin; and Sohum Sukhatankar of Dallas competed in the Scripps National Spelling last night and won. After 3.5 hours of competing, there was a historic 8-way tie. Each of the winners get $50,000. Congrats to them all!

Ask for Change

The next time you and your kids eat at a Saltgrass Steak House, take a good look at the kids menu. There’s new brain games on the back and a 10-year-old girl from North Texas named Camila Yi is responsible. She eats there often and was sick of seeing the same games all the time, so she wrote to the CEO of Landry’s. Not only did they change the menus, they added her name to it too! 

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