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Win a Vacation

FREE Vacation? Yes, please! Every day for the month of May, Sandals Resorts is giving away a 7-day, 6-night vacation for two to mothers, teachers, nurses and military members. The company says it wants to reward quote, “people that rock,” for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, National Nurses’ Day and Military Month, which are all celebrated in May. Good luck! 

Police Escort

When this police officer found out the young man he pulled over was on his way to a job interview, he didn't give him a ticket. He gave him a ride! 

Dirk Says Thanks

Have you seen it? Former Dallas Mavericks star, Dirk Nowitzki, took out an ad in the Dallas Morning News Saturday, thanking his fans. He said, he’s forever grateful, forever yours and forever a Dallas Maverick! 

Special Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts will take place all over North Texas this weekend. But, they won’t be as unique as the one recently held for more than 100 special DISD students.  The hunt was unique because it was for children who are sight impaired and the eggs made beeping sounds sound, for them to find them.    

Hollywood Bound

Have you heard? Starlene & Hudson are headed to Hollywood! MAYBE... or MAYBE NOT. 
They created a Hallmark LIKE Christmas Movie and it's a big hit.
Take a look. Share it. Contact Hallmark... anything you can do to help is appreciated!

Want to Win $10k

Expecting a baby soon? If your ‘bundle of joy’ is born the same day as the Royal Baby, you could win $10-thousand dollars!

100th Bday at Whataburger

If you live to be 100 years old, how will you celebrate? World War II veteran “Red” Wallace went to Whataburger. The restaurant even sent a limo to pick him up! The retired Arlington GM worker said the key to a long life is, “Exercise!"

Tax Day Deals

It's APRIL 15 and several restaurants and stores are offering TAX DAY DEALS & FREEBIES

She Can Hear

Your mother's voice is something you'll never forget! After years of not being able to hear much of anything, including her mom's voice, technology helped this little girl from Dallas hear her mom say, "I love you!" She'll never forget it and neither will you!

Thank You Dirk

It's official... Dirk Nowitzki confirmed he is retiring from the NBA! During his final home game, Nowitzki made a season high 30 points as the Dallas Mavericks beat the Phoenix Suns. On his shoes, were the words #Legacy & #Loyalty. Throughout his career, Dirk demonstrated both. Thank you Dirk for 21 incredible years! #MFFL 

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