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Single LIFE

If you’re single, you might be happy to know this 107-year-old woman credits her long life to being single! 

Lemonade out of Lemons

After losing his dad to cancer, this admirable young man used a lemonade stand to raise money to take his mom on a date! 

Reunited After 8 Years

Ever wish you could be reunited with a long lost loved one? That dream became reality for a woman who was recently reunited with her beloved dog, Oreo, who had been missing for 8 years. Take a look! 

Shark Week Babies

To celebrate SHARK WEEK, a hospital in Ohio is dressing newborn babies in Baby Shark onesies. Fear not. They're harmless!

Prayers for Brody

Brody is back. The 10-year-old from Cleburne was in Memphis living at St. Jude Children’s Hospital as he was being treated for Brain Cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer has spread. So Brody's parents decided to bring him home. About a thousand people lined the streets to welcome the Nelson family back to Texas. 

Helping Kids

Need an excuse to go to Dairy Queen today? It's Miracle Treat Day!

Local Winner

There's a Wimbledon winner you may not have heard about... until now! Congrats to Carrollton's own Savannah Broadus. We can't wait to watch you play in the future!

Be My Neighbor

At a time when we sometimes need to be reminded how beautiful our neighborhoods are and that we should always love our neighbors, the trailer for the new Mr. Rogers movie featuring Tom Hanks comes out. It's sure to brighten your day!

Blessed by 7-Eleven

The baby born on 7/11 at 7:11pm, weighing 7.11lbs just got a special gift from Irving based 7-Eleven. The company gave her $7,111.

Get the Door

Ever had a cow knock at your door? A family in Mansfield has. You've gotta see this story! 

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