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Schools Closed for Cleaning

A North Texas school district is closed today, tomorrow and Friday, due to the high number of Covid-19 cases. Several other schools and districts are reporting lots of cases too. In those cases, parents are being asked to keep a close eye on their children, to see if they show in signs or symptoms of Covid. ~ Starlene Stringer

Driver Delivers Kindness

Lots of little ones dream of riding a school bus. That includes a visually impaired, 9-year-old from Greenville named A'dalynn Williams. Thanks to a caring bus driver. Her dream has already come true! ~ Starlene Stringer  (photo credit: FOX 4 NEWS)

Toys R Us Returns

Guess what’s back? TOYS R US. The beloved toy store will offer items at more than 400 Macy's locations nationwide in 2022. But right now, you can shop for Toys R Us products online exclusively at

Stay Safe

Stay alert! Some North Texas women have had their purses stolen while they were putting groceries in their cars. In some cases, the thieves quickly charged more than $10,000 dollars on their victims credit cards. Tell everyone you know! ~ Starlene Stringer

Best Day Ever

Michael Murphey’s 1st day of kindergarten was one he and his family will never forget. When his mom posted on Facebook last week, “Dear God, please make them be nice to him,” she probably never imagined what would happen. Today, Midlothian fire trucks showed up at Michael’s house to take him to school, along with Batman and Captain America! ~ Starlene Stringer

Keys to Life

Mrs. Marie Robinson, the mother of nine, grandmother of 35, great grandma of 101, and great great grandmother of 18, celebrated her 100th birthday over the weekend. She still gets around great! In fact, she danced her way into her party and shared her secret to living a great life. Mrs. Robinson said, "My secret is to treat everybody right. And love everybody. Don’t hate nobody. That’s the only way we’re going to make it to the Kingdom," She said we must, "Serve the Lord."

Atlanta Sisters Raise Thousands

Atlanta Sisters Raise Thousands To Gift Refugee Children With School Supplies. August 11, 2021. Two sisters have made it their mission to help local refugee families who are unable to afford backpacks and school supplies as students begin the new school year.

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