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A New Rescuer

If you ever need to be rescued, I hope Stephanie is around. She seems pretty amazing!

Already Saving Lives

High School Senior Gustavo Rubio, Jr. recently saved a classmates life. When he saw a student chocking, Rubio used the Heimlich Maneuver training he learned in the Rockwall Fire Department's Explorer Program to unblock the other students airway. He plans to help save more lives in the future. Rubio plans to be a fire fighter someday. (photo credit: NBC5) 

Saving America’s Unborn Babies

A baby girl was among hundreds of millions of babies aborted or abandoned during China’s one-child policy era, a law enforced between 1980 and 2016. Luckily, a kindhearted woman from the United States adopted her as a toddler. Grateful that her birth mom chose life, she now dedicates herself to the pro-life movement, advocating for change to protect unborn babies.

A Little Kids Dream Come True

Get ready to jump in muddy puddles!  A Peppa Pig theme park is being built in North Richland Hills. There’s only one other Peppa Pig theme park in the entire country. The attraction for preschoolers is expected to be a popular travel destination for families, when it opens next year.

Expect to See Lots of Flowers

Get your camera ready! Experts predict we’re going to see beautiful Texas wildflowers blooming earlier than usual and we may see a lot more than we have in recent years. 🥰

Hundreds of Local Jobs

Need a job or know someone who does? NRH20 is looking to hire 400 employees. Get your resume ready! The NRH20 Family Water Park job fair is this Monday-Friday (March 13-17 ) from 1pm-5pm at NRH20.  ~ Starlene Stringer (photo credit: WFAA)

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