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FREE Groceries

Can you imagine how happy you’d be if you got to the register and the grocery store clerk told you your bill was already paid? That happened to hundreds of seniors and high-risk shoppers at 44 different Kroger stores in Atlanta yesterday. Turns out TV mogul Tyler Perry paid their bills in full. You have to see their faces when the cashiers gave them the news. Click the link for more images of pure joy! ~ Starlene Stringer

BINGO? Alright, Alright, Alright!

Actor Matthew McConaughey knows how to win over hearts, of all ages. He recently played virtual Bingo with some seniors who were quarantined at a senior living facility. They loved it and you might too. Take a look! ~ Starlene Stringer

Together to Celebrate

Imagine how sad you’d be if the person you spent the last 64 years of your life with, couldn’t be with you on your birthday, because of Covid-19. That was the reality for Beverly Lindell, until her husband Jerry surprised her. He was released from quarantine just in time to help his wife celebrate her 84th birthday. Their tears of joy may have you crying too.

4-Miles to See the Baby

A grandfather in Michigan walked 4-miles in the cold, to see his newborn granddaughter. Because of the Coronavirus, could only see her through a glass door. But judging by the smile on his face, the long walk was definitely worth it!

Free Food for FW ISD Families

Local organizations are doing all they can to help people in need. That includes the Tarrant Area Food Bank. TAFB is giving boxes of non-perishable items to Fort Worth ISD families this weekend. If you're in need, don't be afraid or ashamed to contact a non-profit organization near you. They're there to help! ~ Starlene Stringer

Mental Health & Covid-19

How are you handling this social isolating and all the Covid-19 news? It’s depressing to some people. To help those having a tough time dealing with it, Texas Health and Human Services has launched a statewide mental health support line.  Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a at 833-986-1919. 

You Can Help

Have you been at home wondering if you can help out during this Covid-19 pandemic? If so, the answer is yes. You can help! You can donate blood, plasma, food, money and your time. Here's a list of places in need of your help. ~ Starlene Stringer

FREE Coffee

Starbucks is giving away free coffee to healthcare workers and first responders during the coronavirus pandemic. So if you’re one, enjoy your free coffee and know that you are appreciated and loved. ~ Starlene Stringer

Pet Rescue

Great job Big D! We’re not just sheltering at home, are BFFs are too. I’m talking about pets. The SPCA of Dallas sent out an urgent request asking for help with animals, during the Coronavirus pandemic, and DFW helped big time. Because of your kindness, nearly 140 animals are now in foster care, receiving the love and support everyone- including animals- need. ~ Starlene Stringer

Relief is on the Way

With many people staying home because of the Coronavirus, The Hallmark Channel has decided to air a Christmas Movie Marathon this Friday through Sunday. Enjoy! ~ Starlene Stringer

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