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True TEAM Spirit

Take My Money! That's what college basketball coach, Tony Bennett, said when he turned down a raise recently. He requested the money being offered to him, be used to improve the school's sports programs and to give his coworkers a higher salary! 

Paid in Full

DEBT FREE? You might be. Lake Point Church has just paid $2.7 million dollars to pay off the medical debt for 2,000 North Texas families. What a blessing! 

Slow Down

This grandma came up with a brilliant way to get people to slow down. She holds up her blow dryer and drivers hit their brakes, because they think she’s a cop. 

Home Depot Lipstick

If you have a little girl, she’s probably gotten into your makeup before. Well, when Peter Sowell caught his daughter using her mom’s lipstick, he asked her where she got it from. She replied, "Home Depot." Take a look & enjoy the laugh! 

Family is Family

Today is National Step Family Day, or as we prefer to call it, Blended Family Day. No matter what kind of family you have, let each & every person in your family know that they are special & they are LOVED!

Childhood Cancer Awareness

Hard to look at? Imagine how hard it is to be them! Please pray for Beckett, his family and all the families battling cancer. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

It's the Little Things

Kids aren’t the only ones who get their wishes granted. A 99-year-old hospice patient named Agnes Santillo (aka Mickey), has lived in Dallas for 40 years and her wish was just granted. She and her friends enjoyed a limo ride to her favorite place… El Fenix. Sometimes it's the "little things," that make a big difference!

Never Forget

Today is the 18th anniversary of 9/11. We vowed to NEVER FORGET.
Please make sure you don't. There are several ceremonies taking place today to honor those we lost that tragic day. If you can attend, please do. If not, please pray for the victims' families, the survivors and all the first responders who continue to go in, when others run out! 

Donations & Disney

Imagine how proud Jermaine Bell’s parents must have been when their 7-year-old decided to use the money he spent a year saving for a Disney vacation, to buy food and drinks for people impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Disney was impressed too. So much so, they sent Mickey and his friends to invite Dorian to visit them later this month!

Girl Power...

Congratulation to Maj. Gen. Maria Barrett and her sister Brig. Gen. Paula Lodi. They are the first two sisters, in the U.S. Army's 244-year history, to reach the prestigious rank of general.

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