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Mother Daughter Flight

Talk about girl power! Take a look at mother daughter pilots, Capt. Wendy Rexon and First Officer Kelly Rexon. The two recently flew a Delta flight from from LA to Atlanta. A passenger took this inspiring mommy and me pic. 

Puppy Love

We’re celebrating Harley & all the pooches that bring joy to our lives on National Puppy Day and everyday!

World Down Syndrome Day

Today is World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). On this special day you’re encouraged to help raise awareness about Down syndrome and let them know how much they're loved! 

Law School at 16

Congratulations to Haley Taylor Schlitz! She appeared on Good Morning America today to talk about her impressive educational journey. The 16-year-old Texan is heading to SMU Law School this fall, after completing her bachelors degree from TWU this Spring!

Dirk Did It

Congratulations to Dirk Nowitzki! The longtime DallasMavericks player made history last night. The 40-year-old is expected to retire after this season & they say there's no better feeling than going out on top!

FREE House & Car + $100K

Want a FREE HOUSE, FREE CAR & $100K? Ever try to win the HGTV Smart Home the network gives away each year? I do and it’s usually hundreds of miles away. But the 2019 HGTV Smart Home is right here in Roanoke, Texas! Registration begins next month, but you can set a reminder today. Just click the link.

Protecting Our Flag

When brothers Zach and JonMichael Fenimore noticed a flag flying at their former elementary school, after school hours, they did something about it. The two lowered and folded the flag. The Junior Cadet Corps and Junior ROTC members later learned the crossing guard who usually does it, had been rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, Mr. Epps, the man who taught them how to take care of a flag, is feeling much better now and he has to be proud of the Fenimore brothers. I am!

Accepted 39 Times

When you’re a high school senior, getting a college acceptance letter is a big deal. Jordan Nixon got to experience that great feeling over and over again. The high school senior from Georgia received acceptance letters from 39 schools.

We Accept the Challenge

Coke & Milk, Coke & Chocolate and Pepsi & Milk... people say they're all great combos. So we decided to give them a try!

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