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Heart Breaking

Dawn Sagar found a heart shape potato chip in her bag and thought it was so cute, she took a pic and sent it to friends. Then she ate it. Turns out there was a contest going on by the chip maker. If she had not eaten the chip, she could have possibly won $100,000.  – Starlene Stringer

How to Save a Life

Do you know CPR? Thanks to teachers are Red Oak High School, Alejandro does. He recently used the training he got in school, to save a life!

Moving Mavs Moment

Mavs Star, Luka Doncic, recently blessed one of his biggest fans. He treated Chase to a priceless All-Star Weekend experience, complete with autographs on a Mavs Jersey and Chases’ prosthetic legs.  – Starlene Stringer

Lost and Found

A grandmother of six who lost her wallet at a Walmart, now has a new friend. His name is Delivontae Johnson. He's the 19-year-old who found Dee Harkrider's wallet and returned it to her. Dee says she believes God put them in each other's lives and she is grateful.  – Starlene Stringer

Unexpected Help

Getting Mr. James Out of This School! The social media post title sounds like it’s mean. It’s just the opposite. When three teens found out their 80-year-old school janitor, Mr. James, was forced out of retirement because his rent was increased by $400 dollars a month, they decided to help. In fact, they said they felt led by God to do so. They set up a GoFundMe account, hoping to raise $10,000 dollars for Mr. James. One week later, Mr. James has over $151,000 dollars to put in the bank.  – Starlene Stringer 

Thanks for Making Us Smile

Ever seen that guy who dances on Cooper Street in front of the Parks Mall in Arlington? You can’t help but smile when you see him. His name is, Jaylan Ford, and he’s a huge Taylor Swift fan. A woman who enjoys watching him dance, started a GoFundme page to get him tickets to Taylor’s concert in Arlington and now he’s going to the show! If you’ve never seen Jaylan dancing, it’s definitely worth a drive to Arlington. He says his only goal is to spread happiness. Looks like it’s working!  – Starlene Stringer

Strangers Retired Her

When 72-year-old, Barbara Gillespie, fell while delivering pizza to a family recently, she had no idea they would start a GoFundMe page for her. The Keighron family did. People donated more than $254,000 and Miss Gillespie is now retired!  ~ Starlene Stringer

Love at the AAC

They got engaged at a Mavs game and this week, they got married during one. It just happened to be on Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Deals

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Americans are expected to spend nearly $26-billion dollars celebrating this special day. That’s an average of over $192-bucks per person. We may be able to help you save some money. Here’s a list of specials and freebies, you just may love! (Photo Credit: Getty Images & NBC 5)

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