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Cory Asbury: Global Songwriter - Regular Guy

Ever wonder what it might be like to hang out with Cory Asbury? He has a hit praise and worship song that is included in church services the world over, but after taking a look into his life, the “Reckless Love” singer is pretty much just a regular guy.

He loves to fish.

He does photo shoots with his son

And like any other regular guy, people burst in to song singing Cory’s “Reckless Love” in unexpected places. Sometimes, it’s captured on video... 

Recently, on his FaceBook page, Cory shared a post from Marcus Rogers as a group dining at In-n-Out broke out in song. Cory sums it up by saying, “I always knew In & Out was anointed of God.”  

And imagine the awe that overtakes this ordinary guy as he sees and hears this post of thousands of soldiers singing his song together.  As Cory put in his comments, “GOD BLESS THE USA!!!”

Not bad for a guy who likes to fish, wear muscle shirts, and laugh a lot.  Starting with "Reckless Love" and continuing on with his other lesser-known compositions, Cory’s songs touch many, yet his humility shines through. He says, “Coming from a house of prayer kid who couldn’t write a song less than 15 minutes long, I never thought any of my tunes would see the light of radio’s day.” 

Clearly, God had plans for Cory's music.  Time will tell how many more of his songs we'll be singing in church!

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