Danny Gokey - 'Wash Yo Hands'

In light of current public health concerns, Danny Gokey does his part with this fun reminder to be vigilant (without instilling fear). So share the song, learn the moves -- and stay healthy!

A note from Danny:

As a dad of 4 kids, the health of my family is really important to me.  In light of all of the public health concerns that we are facing, I wanted to find a way to make sure my kids were being vigilant without instilling fear in them.  So, me & a couple of friends got together to write a light hearted jingle that kids could sing & dance to, but more importantly remember as a way to practice good disease prevention!  Whether it's the flu, a common cold or COVID-19, music is always a great way to learn a good principle.  SO, share it with your kids and challenge them to learn the dance moves - it'll stick with them! #washyohands #prevention #flu

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