My name is Erika, and I am nominating Bonnie Carney at Holiday Heights Elementary for teacher of the month. My son is on the Autism Spectrum and Bonnie is his teacher. She teaches a co-teach class which is a mix of special needs and Gen Ed students. Although my son is what some people may consider “high functioning”, having a great teacher is so important for him as well as for us. Bonnie is absolutely amazing! Her personality mixed with her patience and knowledge are perfect for her students. She provides my son with grace and love, even on the difficult days. I never have to worry about him because I know that he is well taken care of when he’s with her. She accepts my son for who he is but pushes him to improve in areas that he struggles in. She understands his sensory differences and provides him with what he needs in order for him to calm down and regulate himself. She is also such a blessing to me. She takes my text messages throughout the day, even when I know she’s busy she will respond. She calls me when I have questions or when she knows I need reassurance. She never judges or acts like I’m a bother, she makes me feel calm and encouraged. I can imagine that being a teacher can be stressful, especially on the difficult days but Bonnie consistently shows up happy with a big smile on her face. She truly is the epitome of grace. I know the Lord brought her to this place for a reason and we are all so blessed to have her in our lives, especially my son. I just want her to know that she makes a difference every single day and we are so thankful for what she does for our son. –– Erika

  Mar'23 Teacher of the Month  

— Ms. Bonnie Carney —

Special Education and Pre-Kindergarten Teacher at Holiday Heights Elementary School, Birdville ISD

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