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Travel Tip: Know Your Home Airport

Essentially, there are three types of airports relevant to potentially saving you money on your next flight. If you are looking for cheap airfare, then watch this video.

When To Get To The Airport

This video reveals my super secret strategy to NEVER missing your flight again!

The Viewcaster - Travel Parody

Celebrities, rock stars even royalty know how to use this travel hack. You too can vacation just like them anywhere in the world!*

*Of course this product is satire. We do not substantiate any claims made in this video because it isn't a real product.

Top Travel Hacks for 2023

Travel Hacks are my speciality! Hotels, resorts, airlines and cruises all have secrets and if you know the too can save big money!

Travel Hacks & Tips - The Vacation Ecosystem

We all want the best value for our vacation dollar right? And we can all agree "if it looks (or sounds) too good to be true, then it probably is". However, to find big savings on your next vacation usually involves looking in a few different places within the entire vacation ecosystem. Pennies (or dollars) saved, add up! Watch this video to learn where to look!

Travel Tip: Respect The Travel Day

Vacation thrill seeker, beware! The travel days are to be respected. 

My Top 10 Reason To Book A Caribbean Vacation

Hunker down because these are my top 10 reasons to book an amazing Caribbean vacation immediately! 

Travel Hack - Get The Group Involved

This video is a how-to for those planning (and eventually taking) a vacation with a group of people. Family reunions, girlfriend getaways, name it! This video shows you how to do it!

Travel Hack - How To Drive In A Foreign Country

Let someone else do the driving in foreign countries. This videos gives you all the facts to consider when planning a trip to a foreign country and whether (or not) you should rent a car.

Online Travel Agencies Explained

Booking travel online is easy and sometimes cost-effective. But buyer beware! This video explains the online travel landscape.

What You CAN Take From A Hotel Room

FINALLY! I know you have been wondering...can you take that hotel shampoo and soap?

Travel Hack - What's Free in DC

You have to watch this video to save money on your next trip to Washington, DC! You'll see 10+ things to do and see to add to your itinerary.

Travel Hack - Boarding Time vs. Departure Time

This is a huge travel tip! Plan your air travel by the boarding time NOT the departure time! Do you know the difference? This video explains WHY this is the best air travel practice!

Vacation Hack - How To Plan A Three Day Weekend

These are the factors to consider when planning a long weekend near you. Think of them as vacation ideas or family vacations ideas with have everything to do with proximity to you and ease of getting there. It's almost like a road trip planner before you book your house!

The Laurel Highlands

In this episode, Erik The Travel Guy explores the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. This region’s rolling hills are home to revolutionary war sites, charming towns and so much more. Erik and the crew make a splash as they go white water rafting, learn how to make the perfect breakfast sandwich, visit an amazing luxury resort and walk in the footprints of an educational icon. Thanks for watching, liking, subscribing and sharing these videos with your friends!

How To Go On and Off The Beaten Path

The itinerary of your next great adventure can be a mix of tried and true and quietly undiscovered! This video shows you how!

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