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Travel Tip - What's Free In Boston

Boston, the historic gem of New England, is a city that effortlessly blends its rich history with a thriving contemporary culture. For budget-conscious travelers or locals looking for affordable entertainment, Boston offers an array of free activities that are both enjoyable and enriching.

Beyond Your Backyard - Colonial Williamsburg

Beyond Your Backyard goes back in time and learns about American life in Colonial Williamsburg. Erik The Travel Guy steps into the shoes of an early American settler in this historic triangle where he takes up arms and learns all about the proper way to fire a musket, ax-throwing, the honest slave story, and how to make delicious ginger biscuits.

Civil War Sites To Visit

Over the years, I have traveled to many civil war sites, battlefields and museums. It never gets tiring because I always learn something new. Fortunately, a number of historic sites have been preserved for posterity and here are just a few of my favorites. 

Travel Tip - Patriotic Places to Visit

In the spirit of America’s Birthday, let me be your personal guide to all places patriotic to visit. This country is absolutely chuck full of unique places where history forever left its mark.

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