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Life is hard!  We were never meant to live it alone.  We're better together and that is the power of radio.  Lives change when you share your story and the key to sharing that story is the phone in your hands!  Call Penny tonight to share how God is moving in your life.  Your story matters and it may just be the story someone else was looking for.  Call Penny tonight at 888-949-KLTY!


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About Penny

It was a plan.  From the moment Penny heard the legendary radio stations in Boston as a kid, God put it in her heart that this is what she was meant to do.  (And she has!)  Penny is a mother of three incredible sons (Casey, Ricky and Alex) and married to her college sweetheart (an ordained minister and IT engineer)...and let's not forget their trusty rescue named Shadow!  Together they have moved all around the US travelling the path God laid out for them.  Today she is blessed to point hearts and minds to God through "Keep The Faith with Penny" and is DOUBLE BLESSED to share evenings with you on 94-9 KLTY!

Call Penny tonight at 888-949-KLTY!


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